Program Description

At SCI-FIT each program will be tailored to the individual client. SCI-FIT staff will evaluate and address deficits in many areas of our client’s functional capacity using strategic and aggressive exercise conditioning to improve each area such as:

  • Aerobic capacity/Endurance – any activity that requires additional effort by the heart and lungs to meet increased demand on skeletal muscles for oxygen.
  • Body Mechanics – the mechanics of the function of the various systems of the human body, especially the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Ergonomics – helping the body be more productive by teaching and practicing the skills needed to operate more efficiently, comfortably, and safely.
  • Gait/Locomotion – Facilitating a movement pattern in lower extremities that simulates an upright movement pattern (done with body weight supported system, or over-ground using assistive devices). Click here to see a video.
  • FES – (Functional Electrical Stimulation) is used to stimulate peripheral nerves (lower motor neurons) to evoke patterned movement of the legs. Click here to see a video.
  • Balance – the result of a number of body systems working together in order to maintain a specific pose, or achieve a certain movement. Click here to see a video.
  • Motor Function – (dexterity, coordination, agility) refers to the many parts of our bodies that work together to enable us to act and move.
  • Muscle Performance – (strength, power, and endurance) refers to the maximum amount of tension produced by a particular muscle or muscle group, and the amount of time for which the individual can perform a particular activity.
  • Neuro Muscular Development – The development of the nervous and muscular systems.
  • Posture – involves training the body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or weight-bearing activities.
  • Active/Passive Range of Motion – The use of stretching and/or controlled movement through a normal range of motion in multiple planes, utilizing multiple joints.