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Welcome to SCI-FIT

SCI-FIT (Spinal Cord Injury Functional Integrated Therapy) specializes in nontraditional spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, post-traditional, exercise based therapy for those individuals who have suffered a debilitating injury. SCI-FIT maximizes the potential for each individual suffering from spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders by utilizing strategic exercises and providing the proper stimulation for an optimal functional outcome.

Latest News

Latest News After much anticipation, SCI-FIT Sacramento opened it’s doors on March 20th with Pleasanton alum Jesse Pullin patiently waiting to be the first to try out the new facility. He was greeted by the head management team, Michael Terrell and Kayla Robertson, as well as our newest Neuro Exercise Therapist, Kellie Burns. Kellie has already showed to be a great addition to the team and is looking forward to making an impact at our new location.

On Monday, March 24th, Mike and Kayla spoke at the Placerville Mobility Support Group, where they had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Murray, the founder of the group and an outstanding advocate. Mike and Kayla look forward to participating in upcoming events with him in the Sacramento area, including the Hangtown Cranker Classic hand cycling race on June 28th.

Over the next few weeks, the facility will not only fill up with new equipment, but many new faces as well. You can follow their happenings on Facebook or directly contact them with questions, concerns or well-wishes!

Welcome New Clients

Several new clients have started programs at SCI-FIT this spring. We welcome you to the family!

CareCure Community

Our own Neuro Exercise Therapist, Rachael Martinez, is representing SCI-FIT in the CareCure Community online forum. Explore the forum here.

Give Love: A Fundraiser for Tammy Le

Join Tammy and her friends on Friday, April 4th at Motif Nightclub in San Jose. Funds raised will help Tammy purchase an FES bike for her home. For more information, click here.

Staff Blog

Read about interesting topics and join the discussion on our SCI-FIT Staff Blog.

Upcoming Fundraisers

If you would like to announce upcoming fundraising events in our newsletter and through SCIFIT social media, please send details to Erica at

Life Moving Forward Contest

Help Eric Win an
Accessible Vehicle

Eric National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association would like to honor local heroes by giving them a chance to win a custom accessible vehicle.

Eric is a retired Fresno City Firefighter who still dedicates his life to helping others. He takes the train, or has family members drive him, the 6 hours round trip from Fresno to work out at SCI-FIT. With an accessible vehicle, Eric would be able to drive himself and help out his wife by driving around his three kids and running errands.

Cast your vote here to help Eric win. You can vote once every day through May.

Pleasanton Facility Announcements

Newly Appointed Staff Roles

Stephanie Behrendt, Pleasanton Facility Manager (behrendt@scifit. org) and Rachael Martinez, Assistant Facility Manager, ( can address schedule change requests, credit card processing and any general questions or concerns you may have.

Erica Martin is taking charge of Public and Media Relations by covering our social media sites and community outreach for both the Pleasanton and Sacramento locations. If you have any information you would like announced, please contact Erica at

Kristofer Stucker continues to do an amazing job as our Director of Video Production by documenting our client’s progress on YouTube. His role has expanded to cover Sacramento clients as well. If you have any questions regarding videos or would us to increase our coverage of your progress, contact him at

Client Spotlight

Julia Olson In 2009, Julia Olson injured her C4/C5 vertebrae in a car accident. After a stint of hopelessness, she found SCI-FIT 4 1/2 years ago, when she began her journey to get back on her feet. Julia is incredibly self-disciplined and motivated. After four years, Julia continues to see progress. A few weeks ago, she was able to stand on her own and took 535 unassisted steps in the walker. Her goals for 2014 include raising enough money to purchase an adaptive vehicle. Outside of SCI-FIT, Julia will be graduating this summer from Oregon State with a B.A. in Anthropology. She recently started working as for WHILL, a company dedicated to changing the negative perception of wheelchair users through innovative design and technology. We are excited to see Julia continue her success inside and outside of the gym.

Watch Julia’s spotlight video on our YouTube channel here.


Check out our youtube videos of our clients doing amazing things under "scifitca".

Clients in Action

Elizabeth Jameson
Brings Beauty to Brain Scans

Elizabeth Jameson Elizabeth Jameson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1992. Although the disease ended her career as a nationally recognized public interest lawyer, she quickly found a new interest in art after attending a local art class. Elizabeth pursued her passion and graduated with an art degree from the California College of the Arts. She became fascinated with the MRI scans of her brain that were taken to track the progress of her MS and wanted to create her own art using these scans. Elizabeth began using French dyes on silk, and later solar etching, to captivate these daunting yet beautiful images of her brain. “As a quadriplegic, my passion lies in creating art engendering the acceptance of illness and injury as a part of being human. At some point in our lives we all become patients, and my art also serves to explore and redefine this experience for the medical community and for the patient.”

Emerging Elizabeth’s work is on permanent display at the Center for Brain Science at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Johns Hopkins Universities, as well as the Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Services at the University of California, Berkeley. You can also look for her art to be featured in the last episode of True Blood which will air in June. For more information on her work, visit

SCI Survivor Survey
Provides a Platform for Change

Arash Bayatmakou Earlier this year, Arash Bayatmakou created and promoted a comprehensive survey to gather more information about other people’s experiences with SCI. The survey questions addressed simple concerns, including the nature of injury, medical prognosis and length of stay in inpatient rehabilitation. Survey participants were also able to express emotional and psychological impacts of the injury. Arash received 61 responses and revealed the (not-so shocking) truth about the limited amount and quality of resources available after SCI, including access to a wheelchair, on-going therapy and financial help for medical supplies (you can read his entire SCI Survivor Survey Summary on his blog at .

But he didn’t stop there; Arash took his data and started a petition for healthcare providers to provide the minimum care for individuals living with paralysis on “These individuals, who have suffered a devastating and debilitating injury, deserve a chance to lead productive and rewarding lives! It starts by providing them with their fundamental needs for recovery.” You can “sign” the petition and share with your network by clicking here.